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What your gift means to Guilford Township

With your donation, we can work toward sustainability of Norlo Park for generations to come.  We hope to improve quality of life and invest in the lives of children, families and organizations.  Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age, physical ability, or economic position, by providing a well maintained multi-functional park.  With Norlo Park Foundation, and our supporters, we are sincerely optimistic that the needs of the community will be met and Norlo Park will be as nice in 50 years as the day it was built.

Guilford Township is a governmental entity who created the Norlo Park Foundation as a separate fund established for a public purpose.  Contributions to the Norlo Park Foundation are tax deductible under Section 170 (c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Foundation provides a vehicle to receive contributions from persons and organizations who wish to contribute to the goal of improving and maintaining Norlo Park.   The Foundation is a permanent or endowment type fund, with the principal and capital gains invested in perpetuity, wherein the interest and dividends only shall be applied to the upkeep, maintenance, improvement, and expansion of Norlo Park.  The Supervisors' goal is to improve the quality of life in our community by providing for recreational activities while being an encouragement for persons to lead more active lifestyles, thereby contributing to the health and welfare of the public in our community. 

Your gift will be at work generating income for Norlo Park year after year, forever!  Please consider giving a gift today.

In addition to mailing in your payment you are now able to make your contribution online.

We now accept credit cards as payment.

*A convenience fee of $3.00 or 2.65% over $113.00 will be charged on credit cards or a $1.50 fee will be charged on all e-checks. 

Thank you for helping us to continue to reach our goal.

With your contribution your name can be added to our list of donors .