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Norlo Park's history: How it began and direction for the future

The land now known as Norlo Park had humble beginnings.  It began as 143 acres of gently rolling farm land dissected by the English Valley Run, in the Village of Fayetteville.  Lying adjacent to US 30, Main Street in Fayetteville, and Township roads Lincoln Terrace and Hillview Drive, this dairy farm, known as Norlo Farm, was owned by the Sollenberger family for more than 130 years.  On September 17, 1998, the Guilford Township Supervisors purchased Norlo Farm from N. Lane and Judy K. Sollenberger for the purpose of creating a public park.  While negotiating the sale with the Sollenbergers, the Supervisors offered to keep its namesake, Norlo, and that is how the park's name originated.  Norlo is derived from the beginning letters of Norman and Lois (Sollenberger) - Lane's father and mother.

With public interest and need for more activities, ongoing maintenance, and future improvements, the Foundation strives to make Norlo Park more sustainable.  We are thankful to our supporters and are sincerely optimistic that needs will be met and Norlo Park will go on forever.

Norman working in the milking parlor
Norman working in the milking parlor
Lois'  canning pantry
Lois'  canning pantry