Water Authority FAQs

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Water Authority FAQs
Do you accept checks over the phone?

No. We are not able to accept checks over the phone, although you may make an Electronic Check Payment via our MuniciPay link above.

Do you accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, we can take them over the phone, in person, or on line. There is a fee for this service.

Can water bill be put in tenants name?

No, rental properties have to stay in the owners name, unless it is a commercial account.

What to do if I am moving?

Please call our office 5 days before settlement or moving to provide us with forwarding address or settlement information.

What is the water rate?

At present the water rate schedule is as follows:

Minimum charge of $50.71 for 1000 cubic feet or less per quarter.
Next 5000 cubic feet is $39.00 per 1000 cubic feet (or $3.90 per 100).
After 6000 cubic feet the balance is $32.50 per 1000 cubic feet (or $3.25 per 100).

Do you add Fluoride to the drinking water?

The Guilford Water Authority believes we should not add anything into the water supply that is not required by regulations to maintain the potability and pH balance of your water.

No government agencies require fluoride to be added to the public water supply.  The Guilford Water Authority does not add fluoride to its water supply.

Can I pay my water bill online?

Yes, you can pay your water bill by going here.  Electronic checks and credit cards are accepted, a convenience fee applies.  Must have account number available to use this service.