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Don Clapper
Road Superintendent
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Ted Bittinger
Norlo Park Maintenance
Mike Ferguson
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Shannon Malott
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April McClure
Zoning Officer
Bill Green
Director of GIS/Asst Zoning Officer
Pat Holden

Supervisor FAQs

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Supervisor FAQs

Paint may be thrown away in your regular garbage once it is dry. You may remove the lid to allow it to dry, or to speed up the process you may place cat litter inside the can.

Garbage removal in Guilford Township is provided by these private contractors:

Chambersburg Waste Paper - (717) 264-4890

Parks - (800) 486-4490

Waste Connection of PA - (717) 709-1700

Waste Management - (717) 597-6975

Worthys - (888) 542-3226

The answer to this depends on the type of work you are doing to your home. Please call our office at 717-264-6626 to determine if you need a permit for the specific work you are doing.

This answer depends on two items - the size of the shed and the type of foundation being used for the shed. Please call our office at 717-264-6626 to determine if you need a permit for the shed you are proposing.

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc. implements the state-wide building code for Guilford Township. They handle code related inspections - please contact their office at 717-262-0081.

Leaves and grass clippings may be taken to the following location Monday through Saturday, NO SUNDAY DROPOFFS:

Wade Benedict Farm, 4100 Spring Road, Chambersburg

  1.  Guilford Township Maintenance Building, 4480 Guilford Springs Road, Chambersburg, Monday through Friday, 8AM - 3PM.
  2. Washington Township Transfer Station accepts branches, brush, and shrubs for a small fee at 12721 Buchanan Trail East, Waynesboro.

Kristine Crawford is currently the Tax Collector of Guilford Township. You may reach her office at 717-352-3276.

Click here to visit the Norlo Park website or call the office at 717-264-6626 to inquire about Norlo Park.

This collection applies only to households and residents of Guilford Township (NOT COMMERCIAL). Residents should show their drivers license as a form of  identification.

A bulky item is an item that will not fit in your garbage container or weighs more than fifty (50) pounds.   

The following are bulky items: stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, grills, box springs, mattresses, furniture, bicycles, lawn mowers, etc. Bulky items must be free of all garbage.  For questions concerning a specific item, call our office.

The following are NOT bulky items: building materials, loose material and items that can be broken down to fit into a garbage container.

The following items may not be disposed of and will not be collected: hazardous materials such as dangerous chemicals, paint and similar items which may be considered dangerously toxic or those items which cannot be disposed of utilizing methods that are legal for municipal waste.

Guilford Township offers this service twice annually, with dates announced via postcard and website updates.