Grinder Pumps

What to do if your pump alarm is going off:

Guilford Township Authority offers 24/7 emergency service to all our E1 Grinder Pump customers. Our goal is to keep our customers with sewer service, at all times, day or night. Call our office at 717-264-7653 Option 2

As a service to you, the resident, we will pull your failing pump core and install a loaner pump for your use while your pump is being repaired. With your permission, our crew will then take your pump to S&S Electric motors for assessment of the problem, at which time they will contact you with an estimate, and to authorize the repair. Once your pump has been repaired, S&S will contact you to pay the service fee. Once the fee is paid, S&S will then contact the Authority at which time our crew will pick up your repaired pump, bring it back to your home, re-install it into your tank and remove ours.

For this service, there is an Agreement that needs signed for the use of GTA's loaner pump.

Info on pump and what not to put in the system:

Owners Guide

General Information
Phone Numbers
(717) 264-7653
Emergencies: Dial 911
115 Spring Valley Road